Get started

It only takes a few simple steps to start using BlakeBitcoin today. 



1. Download and encrypt your BlakeBitcoin Wallet.

Once the BlakeBitcoin Wallet for Windows is installed on your computer, it will generate a BlakeBitcoin address, which is similar to an email address, for you to share with people in order to send or receive payments. 

To encrypt your wallet, go to Settings -> Encrypt Wallet on your wallet software.  Make sure you remember the password. Nobody can recover it for you if you lose the password. 

2. Get BlakeBitcoin.

You can get BlakeBitcoin either by receiving it as a payment or by purchasing BlakeBitcoin.

The most common method for obtaining BlakeBitcoin is by earning rewards while playing popular games through Blake Games.  

3. Spend BlakeBitcoin. 

Various merchants and services accept BlakeBitcoin as a form of payment. You can use BlakeBitcoin to make purchases with these vendors.